Created on August 14, 2010
Bronisława Malinowskiego 3, 87-100 Toruń, Polonia

Moon mural

This is the oldest mural in the Skarpa neighborhood, created in 2010 as part of the Skyway International Festival of Light.
Author Marcin Chylinski presented the relationship between Pluto and its moon. This project is an attempt to illustrate the relationship that exists between Pluto - the last "planet" of the Solar System - and its moon, Charon. Unusual for the Solar System, the behavior of these two objects resembles a double planet more than a typical planet-moon relationship. Pluto and Charon, rotating on their own axis, are perpetually facing each other on the same side. This fascinating phenomenon resembles a galactic dialogue between two phenomena traversing the ends of the solar system.
Unknown - Toruń—Moon muralUnknown - Toruń—Moon muralUnknown - Toruń—Moon mural
Hunted by Justyna Wenecka.
Pictures by Justyna Wenecka.

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