Created on March 19, 2023
Jakuba Suleckiego 4, 87-100 Toruń, Polonia

Polish Army Squadron 142.

The mural commemorates an interwar Polish Army squadron that was part of the 3rd Fighter Squadron of the 4th Aviation Regiment in Torun. In the September campaign of 1939 it fought as part of the aviation of the "Pomerania" Army.
The mural depicts a Polish PZL P.11c fighter plane, one of 10 included in the squadron in Torun. During the first days of World War II and the German attack on Poland, the pilots of the squadron fought against the enemy shooting down, among others, 12 bombers between September 2 and 6, 1939. Lt. Stanislaw Skalski particularly distinguished himself here by downing as many as 5 German aircraft.
Later, in 1940, he fought in the 501st Fighter Squadron of the Royal Air Force in the Battle of Britain.
In February 1941 he was transferred to the Polish "Torun" 306 Squadron, performing combat flights over occupied Europe during this period. In the spring of 1941, he was promoted to the rank of lieutenant in the Polish Armed Forces and to the rank of lieutenant, followed by the rank of captain in the RAF in July 1941. 
Unknown - Toruń—Polish Army Squadron 142.Unknown - Toruń—Polish Army Squadron 142.Unknown - Toruń—Polish Army Squadron 142.
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