Created on December 21, 2022
Via Torino, 116, 10042 Nichelino TO, Italië

Piero Angela

The city of Nichelino pays homage to the life and work of Piero Angela, the recently deceased famous Piedmontese science communicator, with a new mural
The city of Nichelino dedicates an immense mural to the extraordinary figure of Piero Angela . This is an initiative promoted by the councilor for youth policies Fiodor Verzola on the occasion of the Nichelino Lights Up Festival.
An urban redevelopment project , whose program includes a series of works intended not only to beautify the city , but also to pay homage to illustrious Piedmontese personalities.
In this way, Piero Angela also becomes part of the subjects of Nichelino 's street art . Specifically, the mural dedicated to the famous scientific popularizer is located at number 116 in Via Torino and occupies the entire facade of a house. A truly optimal position to be able to admire the magnificent design in all its grandeur.
Nichelino's mural for Piero Angela intends to remember and pay homage to the commitment and dedication of the science communicator in his work and beyond. Precisely, with his unmistakable style, Piero Angela was able to guide many generations and make them passionate about study and discovery .

From a simple screen, he has managed to convey his immense curiosity to millions of people who have found a source of inspiration in the scholar . In fact, there are countless cases of young people who have approached science precisely because they are intrigued by Piero Angela's transmission. An authentic pillar of Italian television whose audience continues to remember and thank him with exciting demonstrations of affection, as is the case with the mural in the city of Nichelino. 

Davide Andreazza—Piero Angela
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