Created on March 21, 2014
Via Quittengo, 41, Torino, TO, Italia

The artist's boat

A character hangs in the balance. The small boat he's handling is loosing control in a stormy sea. His sailor (a small dog) is terrified and climbs up to the head of his owner, seeking for shelter. The captain has old fashioned clothes and leads the boat with an oar of the shape of a roller brush: he represents the modern artist which, remembering a time when artists thrived in courts, lives in a constant sense of precariousness. Zed1 represents a slice of contemporary life with a delicate and snarky touch, inviting us to jump on the boat of his living to better understand his personal feelings and experiences. 
Zed 1—The artist's boatZed 1—The artist's boat
Hunted by Ilaria Giaccardo.

Marker details

Date created2014-03-21T23:00:00.000Z
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