Created on November 27, 2018
Lungo Po Antonelli, 115, Torino, TO, Italia

No poverty

Zed1 carries the tough burden of investigating the theme of the Goal 1 (No poverty) of the project Towards 2030. The sun illuminates a wallet, filtering through the wicked clouds that represent in order: corruption (man in balaclava holding a briefcase full of money), lack of education (broken book), war (machine gun and barbed wire), health system disservice (Red Cross falling sign), issue of living in dangerous places (ruined building), lack of resources (broken rake) and pollution (crude oil barrel). A character carries a coin, some bread and a house, opposing to the shaded areas where the flowers are withered by the barren soil. The hands holding the wallet are the same ones that removes the clouds, because only the conscious actions of mankind can bring real change. 
Zed 1—No povertyZed 1—No poverty
Hunted by Ilaria Giaccardo.

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