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Spoorlaan 21J, 5038 CB Tilburg, Nederland

Tilburg for global goals

Muralist Manuel Alániz Gámez and children's book author Gerard Sonnemans, together with students of MBO Yuverta Tilburg, have created a mural with a Nicaraguan touch on the back facade of the school. The wall adorns the building along the railroad tracks, just east of Tilburg station. With the large letters above it, it is clear at a glance what they want to convey through this project: working together on the Global Goals.
This mural is part of the triptych "Global Citizenship", within the framework of Tilburg4globalgoals and was co-financed by LBSNN, the organization of municipalities in the Netherlands working with Nicaragua, and the Development Education & Awareness Raising/DEAR program of the European Union.
The mural was also created to raise awareness of the school's new name after the merger. 
Manuel Alániz Gámez—Tilburg for global goalsManuel Alániz Gámez—Tilburg for global goals
Hunted by Rian Nijssen.
Pictures by Rian Nijssen (@riannijssen).

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