Created on August 7, 2023
Sophiastraat, 5038 BD Tilburg, Nederland

De Alley Hop

Artwork created for Kaapstad Tilburg 2023.

Kaapstad is a free arts festival. From August 18 - 20 (2023) Kaapstad took over the city center of Tilburg with pop-up art: city hacks, art take-overs, interactive installations and compelling performances. They invited artists like Opperclaes to make creative use of the city, its people and things. They poked and prodded, turned things around and challenged ingrained ideas.

Creative image makers Opperclaes did not hijack a street, square or sidewalk, but looked for it in more vertical spheres. With a large-scale mural, the Rotterdam duo transformed an ordinary wall into a lively work of art. With a delicious Kaapstad sauce, something very special was created where the mural only really comes to life when the audience seeks out interaction. In collaboration with Blocko13, they challenged visitors to find an alternative way to get through the alley called Sofiatraat (Sophiastraat in Google maps).

The Alley Hop was made possible with help from the Municipality of Tilburg through a municipal mural project by CuPuDo and climbing and bouldering hall Block013.

Opperclaes—De Alley HopOpperclaes—De Alley HopOpperclaes—De Alley HopOpperclaes—De Alley HopOpperclaes—De Alley Hop
Hunted by Rian Nijssen.
Pictures by Rian Nijssen ( @riannijssen ).

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