Created on October 26, 2022
Baflostraat 14, 5043 BJ Tilburg, Nederland
Six young students from Beatrix College (Roos, Stacy, Esma, Fabiënne, Celeste and Rose, all between 13 and 15 years old) started to search for the identity of their neighborhood in the Reeshof district. In their free time they worked on this art project 'Geen pleister maar zalf' (No band aid, but ointment), that was initiated by Anja Reinhardt, culture coach for secondary education.
These six girls designed a mural, together with artists Ivo van Leeuwen and Timothy Mahler, to make a nice contribution to their own neighbourhood. Through the mural they wanted to express what the neighbourhood meant to them. They designed ànd painted together with the artists. The artists saw that the girls threw themselves into this process with pleasure and surprise. A beautiful wall was the result, which not only enriched them, but is also a wonderful asset to the neighbourhood.
The project stimulated the young students to think about heritage. Van Leeuwen: "Some history facts have been incorporated in the wall, such as the Reij's Hof estate after which the district is named. And nature, of course, it is amazingly green here." On the wall you can also see references to birds, a dog, inhabitants, houses, shopping people and the Scottish Highlander cow. Footsteps refer to a walking path for the elderly people. And there is a hammer on the right side at the border of the wall that refers to the father of the house owner. He was a carpenter and has recently passed away.
Ivo van Leeuwen, Mahler Inkworks—UntitledIvo van Leeuwen, Mahler Inkworks—UntitledIvo van Leeuwen, Mahler Inkworks—Untitled
Hunted by Rian Nijssen.
Pictures by Rian Nijssen ( @riannijssen ).

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