Created on September 16, 2021
Bieslookweg 241, 5044 DM Tilburg, Netherlands

Funky Flavors

This wall is about different kind of flavors (opinions) and about reconciliation. Different spices and flavors that come together and lead to connection. The flavors are also a reference to the herbs of the Kruidenbuurt (Herbs District). Among other things Moorman drew his inspiration from the work of designers from the flower power era. A painting is static by nature, but he tries to incorporate perspective and movement in it. And of course the mural is open for any interpretation.
 Do you see the white bird that is escaping from a dark cellar?
Johan Moorman—Funky FlavorsJohan Moorman—Funky Flavors

Hunted by Rian Nijssen. Pictures by Rian Nijssen ( @riannijssen ).

Marker details

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