Created on October 4, 2020
Tjeuke Timmermansstraat 29, 5041 EK Tilburg, Netherlands
Stefan Thelen is the man behind Super A. His great interest in different painting techniques and his background in graphic design, made him combine painting with three-dimensional work. The murals are high metaphoric scenarios rendered in hyperrealism. He creates his own world with realistic images and fantasy figures, combined with a subtle, but harsh critique on social or political issues.

On this wall Sleeping Beauty and the cotton plants  refer to the textile history of the city.
Elderly people that live in the building on which the work appeared asked Super A to also include some nature in his painting. 
Mr. Super A—UntitledMr. Super A—UntitledMr. Super A—UntitledMr. Super A—Untitled

Hunted by Gijs Hendriks. Pictures by Gijs Hendriks (@gijzh).