Created on August 31, 2021
Ringbaan-Oost 275, 5014 GE Tilburg, Nederland
Source of inspiration for the design of the mural was 'the disappeared aviary', an aviary that once stood in the Wilhelminapark. A group of children visited the park with the words "Hey, what's flying there?" in order to give as much space and liveliness to their imagination as possible. Together with Kunstkabaal, artists Ivo van Leeuwen (TilburgsAns) and Timothy Mahler, the children set to work. During a workshop held at Zomerkabaal (summer festival), they designed and painted a mural on the facade of Stichting Kunstkabaal, under the guidance of both artists. 

The project was made possible by Art-fact within the program "Neighborhood Culture and Art with Impact", by the City of Tilburg and CuPuDo. 
Timothy Mahler, Ivo van Leeuwen—UntitledTimothy Mahler, Ivo van Leeuwen—Untitled
Hunted by Rian Nijssen.
Pictures by Rian Nijssen (@riannijssen).

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Camera usedSamsung SM-A705FN
Date created2021-08-31T00:00:00.000Z
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