Created on September 5, 2022
Thomas van Aquinostraat 49, 5042 HA Tilburg, Nederland
In the old days, when only native residents were living in the district, the building this wall is upon used to be a candy shop. The artist used this fact as a startingpoint for the design of his mural. The girl represents the original inhabitants of the houses and the crows refer to all the foreigners that have come to live in this neighbourhood. The girl is sharing some of her candy with the crows. It is her careful attempt to approach the crows step by step. A little token of welcome and acceptance of all the people with different backgrounds and nationalities. 

Abdalkader Abdalwahed (Lattakia, 1979) is a Syrian autodidact artist who is currently living in Tilburg (NL). After the war began in Syria he left his country to start a new and different life in Europe. Art used to be a passion for him since his young age. His new residence allowes him to follow his childhood dreams and to release his hands to create and express his feelings and emotions. 
Abdalkader Abdalwahed—UntitledAbdalkader Abdalwahed—Untitled
Hunted by Rian Nijssen.
Pictures by Rian Nijssen ( @riannijssen ).

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