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Bernard Leenestraat 32, 5026 PC Tilburg, Nederland
About 200 status holders are temporarily staying in one of the buildings of the Koning Willem Il barracks. Status holders are new Dutch citizens who have a residence permit and are waiting for a house in the municipality of Tilburg and the surrounding area. Because they can live here (temporarily until 1 November), there's less pressure on the overcrowded AZCS so they have more room to receive asylum seekers. 
In order to provide the status holders at the Koning Willem Il barracks a pleasant stay, there are indoor and outdoor murals made by four Tilburg artists. The colorful creations have a cheerful appearance!
Veldinho, Abdalkader Abdalwahed, Paul Watty, Aziz Lessy—Untitled

Hunted by Rian Nijssen. Pictures by Rian Nijssen (@riannijssen).