Created on June 29, 2018
1 Melfort Road, Thornton Heath CR7 7RS, UK


This portrait is by Ben Slow @benslow a London Based artist. Ben specialises in portraiture. His most famous mural is in Germany which is a mural of a couple who have lived in the building for 67 years they moved in there the day they were married. The work on the side of No. 1 Melfort Road, in Thornton Heath is actually of a child who lives on the street just down the road. His name is ‘Mika’ he was 5 when Ben painted it. Mike sees this mural every day on the way home from school still. In Ben Slow’s Instagram post of 2018 he says painting the mural was “A sobering, fun, frustrating, strung out process but well worth it in the end”. 
Further details on the artist available on:
Commissioned by Croydon Council, 2018
Ben Slow—Mika Ben Slow—Mika
Hunted by Averil Coutinho.
Pictures by Michael Shilling @Londonin360, Tilly Pollard @heartofthefirefly.

Marker details

Camera usedFujifilm X-T30
Date created2018-06-29T22:00:00.000Z
Marker typeartwork
CityThornton Heath
CountryUnited Kingdom