Created on October 30, 2017
80 High Street, Thornton Heath CR7 8LF, UK

Potential Together

Ben Connors @benconnors was keen to work with young men and women locally. Ben was interested in the idea of creating an alternative map of Thornton Heath and its stories, based on sound, character, people, words, vibe, pattern, and drawing on the idea of Thornton Heath as a ‘living organism’. His mural  'Potential, Together' represents some of the young people’s perspectives on their area and was heavily influenced by conversations with them and their pride in CR7, capturing the current diversity and energy of the area through shapes, patterns and recognisable symbols. His piece intends to welcome people into Thornton Heath.
Curated by YOU&ME Architecture @youandme_archi
Commissioned by Croydon Council 2017
Photographer: Tilly Pollard @heartofthefirefly
Ben Connors—Potential TogetherBen Connors—Potential TogetherBen Connors—Potential TogetherBen Connors—Potential Together
Hunted by Averil Coutinho.
Pictures by Tilly Pollard @heartofthefirefly.

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Date created2017-10-30T23:00:00.000Z
Marker typeartwork
CityThornton Heath
CountryUnited Kingdom