Created on June 7, 2024
Αγίου Μηνά 7, Ionos Dragoumi 17, 6ος όροφος, Thessaloniki 546 25, Greece

Decorated electrical boxes, by Fep Flip

Description from the Artists Instagram:

In many cities that I had been the trees were been cutted, and the building never stop to grow... The cities are modificated by institutions, big companies and the living way by cars... Looks like the population must acept the rules and a gray background of our lives.
Graffiti, street art, murals is a natural way of expresion and creativity in the cities that made of every street a better place, opento the imagination and to the participation.

Take a look arround...what do you feel in cities without graffiti...????


Feo Flip—UntitledFeo Flip—UntitledFeo Flip—Untitled
Hunted by IbrahimD.
Pictures by IbrahimD Photography.

Marker details

Camera usedNikon D3300
Marker typeartwork