Created on April 3, 2024
1 Zaza Bendeliani St, T'bilisi 0191, Georgia


A Georgian feast is an exchange of energy and a symbol of hospitality, happiness, and humanity.
It can either be a quiet reflective conversation about life over coffee prepared on sand (sand as a symbol of life and time) or just an internal dialogue. It can also be interpreted as a party — a metaphor for freedom and what unites us. It is a privilege to be a free person and to be part of a happy nation.
Usually, Freedom is bliss, but it can be an unusual burden. People may not notice it, people may be paralyzed by it, and some may simply not need it...
But difficult times increase its value. In solidarity with those who defend it for themselves and for us, we will each raise our drink to Freedom.

Zmicier Zhaunou—FeastZmicier Zhaunou—FeastZmicier Zhaunou—Feast

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Camera usedSony ILCE-6000
OrganizationArt Yard Community
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