Created on November 7, 2022
2 Nikoloz Landia St, T'bilisi, Georgia

Feline Dancer

The basic idea for the feline character, painted at a wall at a supermarket in the district of Varketeli, came from a plastic relief model located at the wall of the Fabrica complex in Tbilissi (photo attached). I was informed the artwork was based on the famous Georgian epos "The night in the Panther skin" and inspired by that I based the concept on the character of the panther interacting with one of the strongest Georgian pictorial elements, the sun. In general I had to come up with the idea in quite some short time as the project realized quite spontaneous as Sandro from the Nikomovement project organized the permission to paint this wall a couple of days before we started the actual production. So the task was to come up pretty fast with a concept that also interacted with the surrounding as some trees were covering the wall in front and only permitted a certain composition. Also additionally there is a dancing school located in the building so the idea of the dancing cat character was finally born. As seen of the perspective that I'm half Peruvian, one can say the character is to be seen as a Puma from the Andes, representing my affection to the Peruvian fauna. But one can also just see it as a inhabitant of the mountain ranges worldwide as every big mountain range inhabits some bigger feline predators.
Nasca1 (GER)—Feline DancerNasca1 (GER)—Feline DancerNasca1 (GER)—Feline DancerNasca1 (GER)—Feline Dancer

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Camera usedCanon EOS 5D Mark III
Date created2022-11-07T20:00:00.000Z
Marker typeartwork