Created on July 25, 2019
Liceul cu Program Sporitv, Strada 23 August, Târgu Jiu, Romania

Don't be a Thinker, be a Tree!

This mural was done during Strad'Art Festival's first edition, in july 2019, which main theme was "infinity".
In the upper part of the painting one can distinguish a stylized version of August Rodin's "The Thinker" and in the lower part, a version of Constantin Brâncuși's "Sleeping Muse". For a short while, Brâncuși was Rodin's disciple, but soon he left his master's studio in search of his own art style, saying the famous words: "Nothing grows under the big trees.". Paraphrasing those words, Endo, the serbian artist, made a beautiful and full of meaning piece, specially for the people of Târgu-Jiu.
For the ones of you who didn't know, Târgu-Jiu, is the town that holds the only monumental artwork of the father of modern sculpture- Constantin Brâncuși.
Endo—Don't be a Thinker, be a Tree!Endo—Don't be a Thinker, be a Tree!Endo—Don't be a Thinker, be a Tree!Endo—Don't be a Thinker, be a Tree!
Hunted by Strad'Art Romania.
Pictures by Adrian Urbanek, Gil Diaconescu.

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Date created2019-07-25T22:00:00.000Z
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CityTârgu Jiu