Created on July 25, 2019
Colegiul Tehnic Ion Mincu, Strada Locotenent Colonel Dumitru Petrescu, Târgu Jiu, Romania


This mural was done during Strad'Art Festival's first edition, in july 2019, which main theme was "infinity".
"Metamorphosis embodies the ancestral Sphinx, the pure truth,the moment when you want to open up and be one with the earth and sky. I'm preoccupied of representing a dialogue of the senses. A symbiosis between Nature and the Contemporary Human, between Truth and Illusion, a reflection upon the timeless present." Cristian Scutaru 
Cristian Scutaru—MetamorphosisCristian Scutaru—MetamorphosisCristian Scutaru—MetamorphosisCristian Scutaru—Metamorphosis
Hunted by Strad'Art Romania.
Pictures by Dana Oniga, Adrian Urbanek, Gil Diaconescu.

Marker details

Date created2019-07-25T22:00:00.000Z
Marker typeartwork
CityTârgu Jiu