Created on July 25, 2020
Gas Peco, Strada Hidrocentralei, Târgu Jiu, România

This isn't Happiness

The mural was done during Strad'Art Festival's second edition, in july 2020, which main theme was "solidarity".

"My piece is part of a personal project called Compounds, that deals with human interaction, the understanding of the surrounding space and architecture though volume and colour.
The sketch was made during the quarantine, and it reflects the way that period made me feel, having a closer relation with  the person next to me being in a closed space, where the third person becomes a “shadow”, coming from another closed space, the internet." John Dot S
John Dot S—This isn't HappinessJohn Dot S—This isn't HappinessJohn Dot S—This isn't Happiness
Hunted by Strad'Art Romania.
Pictures by Dan Mărășescu, Daniel Pădure.

Marker details

Date created2020-07-25T22:00:00.000Z
Marker typeartwork
CityTârgu Jiu