Created on April 8, 2023
Telliskivi 60a-1, 10412 Tallinn, Эстония

Dance of Death with Endel

The work "Dance of Death with Endel aka Endel with a stick" is a socially critical street art work that refers to hipster culture and self-disclosure in modern cultural space. The wall depicts a man who wants to take a selfie with death. Both are smiling and death also shows a symbol of peace on their fingers.

The work was completed in 2017, when it showed up at night, a day before the house was supposed to be demolished. Fortunately, part of the wall was preserved and it can still be seen at the Telliskivi Creative City. The author is Estonia's most famous street artist Edward von Lõngus, who acts anonymously. In addition to Estonia, his works can also be found in Paris, London, etc. 
Edward von Lõngus—Dance of Death with EndelEdward von Lõngus—Dance of Death with Endel
Hunted by Ivan P.

Marker details

Camera usedXiaomi M2101K9AG
Marker typeartwork