Created on August 8, 2022
Via Partenope, 18, 71047 Stornara FG, Italia

"U Scazzamurridd"

"U scazzamurrid" is a character of the stornarese and foggiana fantasy. It is a mischievous elf who at night steals money from those who sleep and hides it in his hat. The writing means: "You will never take this hat" and is addressed to the characters painted in the building opposite by Lucio Samoa and Margay -art.
Made with acrylic paints
Lucione Samoa—"U Scazzamurridd"Lucione Samoa—"U Scazzamurridd"Lucione Samoa—"U Scazzamurridd"

Hunted by Giancarla De Marco. Pictures by lino lombardi.