Created on October 14, 2021
Stadskanaal, Europalaan, 9501 PW Stadskanaal, Nederland

Time is love

BKFoxx is a public artist from Long Island NY, an '88 model (as her father says).
She paints photorealistic murals in only spray paint; no brushes, no projectors, no stencils.
She became interested in street art in 2013,
practicing with spray paint in abandoned buildings and she thought it was really powerful to be able to transform an entire place with just paint. Starting with old, rundown walls in New York, she is now invited to paint murals around the world.
She usually starts with an idea or a concept,
then sets up a scene and photographs it,
and from that makes a reference image for the wall. The images are meant to be high quality, potent, and thought provoking to the viewer. She likes the idea that some art should be temporary, existing while it is relevant and meant to be appreciated in real time. She thinks that art is important for everyone, and focuses on public art for that reason. She believes in honesty, authenticity, and respect and wants to make the world a more fair place. 

BKFoxx painted her grandmother's 90-year-old hands (and watches) on this wall. Her grandmother is from Ireland and the artist said she inherited perseverance from her and the roughness. 
Taking more time for each other is central to the image. Time is a subject that always has appealed to BKFoxx. During the period of the covid pandamic, many people have not been able to see each other for a long time, and sad things have happened. In the end, all the stories come  together. 
BK Foxx—Time is loveBK Foxx—Time is loveBK Foxx—Time is love
Hunted by Rian Nijssen.
Pictures by Rian Nijssen ( @riannijssen ).

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