Created on September 2, 2023
32 Lucy Rd, Southend-on-Sea SS1, Verenigd Koninkrijk

Mother Nature

Beautiful portrait painted for Southend City Jam 2023.

A few minutes away from Southend town centre is BeARTa Tattoo Studio, run by Beata Nemes. Originally from Hungary, BeARTa is registered and licensed by the local authorities and has many years of experience in tattooing.

There was not a single day at nursery school that passed without her drawing,. Even at that early age all she wanted to do was be creative. There was never a question of which route to choose through school and further education, it was always going to be a creative path.

During these years she gained knowledge of enamel- work, commercial art- work, linoleum and copper engraving and pottery. After graduating from high school she went to study textile design at the University of Art, West Hungary, Savaria Campus. Making patterns, designs, fabrics and materials work together in harmony is something she enjoys and learnt through these University years. Learning is an organic process and for her it will never stop, after her diploma she completed a confectioner course where she specialized on sugar sculptures, once again satisfying her desire to be creative, irrespective of the medium. The different shapes, tastes and smells grabbed her while working with caramel. Despite her sweet tooth for confectionary work she needed fresh challenges. Her 8 years of henna- body painting experience stood her in good stead for the world of permanent tattoo. Giving something so personal and enduring to people is, for her, what art is really about.

"Mother Nature" is the artist's very first spray painting and she would love to create more murals because she enjoyed it a lot. The design came from her heart. She loves to create magical themes with portraits, animals, stars, universe, chakras, nature.

BeARTa—Mother NatureBeARTa—Mother Nature
Hunted by Rian Nijssen.
Pictures by Rian Nijssen ( @riannijssen ).

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