Created on June 16, 2022
ul. "Nikolay Kopernik" 48, 7, 1111 Geo Milev, Sofia, Bulgarie

Graffopost vol.9

Graffopost vol.9 feat RUSTWO is the ninth art intervention in GRAFFOPOST project. The artist painted 60sq.m of an electric substations situated in Geo Milev, Sofia. 
"What attracts me most in the graffiti is that there is no limit of techniques, surfaces, places. I love experimenting with different shapes and colors.", says the artist RUSTWO.

Producer: VISIONARY / https://visionary.foundation
Rustwo—Graffopost vol.9Rustwo—Graffopost vol.9Rustwo—Graffopost vol.9
Hunted by Visionary Foundation.
Pictures by Photo: Mihaela Draganova, courtesy of Visionary Foundation.

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Date created2022-06-16T21:00:00.000Z
Marker typeartwork