Created on May 4, 2023
J.K. Vrabnitsa 1 527З, 1229 zh.k. Vrabnitsa 1, Sofia, Bulgarie

Graffopost vol.8

Graffopost vol.8 feat BILOS is the eighth art intervention in GRAFFOPOST project. The artist BILOS transformed an electric substation creating a total area of 70 sq.m. Exploring and focusing on the creation of imaginary forms, objects and still life compositions, BILOS named his creation for GRAFFOPOST "When Was The Last Time You Looked At The Clouds?".

Producer: VISIONARY / https://visionary.foundation
Bilos—Graffopost vol.8Bilos—Graffopost vol.8Bilos—Graffopost vol.8Bilos—Graffopost vol.8

Hunted by Visionary Foundation. Pictures by Photo: Mihaela Draganova, courtesy of Visionary Foundation Photo: courtesy of Visionary Foundation .

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