Created on September 29, 2020
ul. "Tundzha" 57, 1463 Sofia Center, Sofia, Bulgaria


Dreamland is a long-term intervention in the urban space of Sofia. This contemporary mural is dedicated to tolerance between people. After a series of online workshops with children of different ethnic origins between the ages of 10 and 15 living in Bulgaria, we have gathered their dreams, shared ideas and open hearts to illustrate it all on a wall.

Location: 22nd School in Sofia, Tundzha str.
Producer: VISIONARY / https://visionary.foundation
Project Dreamland is financed by Sofia Municipality, Program Europe 2020 by the Meeting Points Foundation in partnership with Visionary Foundation.
Tochka Spot—DreamlandTochka Spot—DreamlandTochka Spot—DreamlandTochka Spot—DreamlandTochka Spot—Dreamland

Hunted by Visionary Foundation. Pictures by Mihaela Draganova.

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