Created on July 9, 2017
ul. "Tsar Ivan Asen II" 30, 1124 g.k. Yavorov, Sofia, Bulgarije

Graffopost vol. 1

Graffopost vol. 1 featuring Aleksi Ivanov is the opening edition of the project GRAFFOPOST. Project GRAFFOPOST is a provocation for visual artists and muralists to show their vision of changing a public space through a conceptual art project that is fully synchronized with the urban environment itself. 
The mural concept of Aleksi Ivanov depicts an urban children's playground, which has been conquered by abandoned cars, so coalesced with the children's daily lives that they have been used by them for climbing. Images show children and young people who share space on the site and grow up together. 

Aleksi—Graffopost vol. 1Aleksi—Graffopost vol. 1Aleksi—Graffopost vol. 1Aleksi—Graffopost vol. 1Aleksi—Graffopost vol. 1

Hunted by Denise Segveld. Pictures by Denise Segveld.

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