Created on July 24, 2022
Ul. Ivana Bakrana 1, 44000, Sisak, Kroatië

Isto pričamo, drugačije nazivamo

Isto pričamo, drugačije nazivamo, the largest wall I did so far for ReThink Festival in Sisak, Croatia. 

Before I go into the analysis. In Balkan culture, we use the word “mljeti” or “melje” which is translated to “grind” or “grinding” to describe a situation when someone is intensively talking. These drawn figures are grinding / talking.

Depicted are two male figures. Drawn without their heads, grinding a grinder. The idea was that: it is about two parallel stories or sides… which are sometimes different, but actually very similar, sometimes the same. Two headless figures grinding each on it’s own side, yet saying the same thing. This is where the dilemma comes in. If they are really and truly not the same or equal, then their “back to back” relationship is understandable. But if they are the same and tell the same story, then we should treat them as such. Same and equal. It is up to the observer to choose which of the two paths to take. Which of t
Todorovic Ljubomir—Isto pričamo, drugačije nazivamoTodorovic Ljubomir—Isto pričamo, drugačije nazivamo

Hunted by Tim. Pictures by provided by the artist.