Created on April 5, 2019
наб. Адмиралтейского канала, 1, Санкт-Петербург, Россия, 190098

You are (on) an island

You are (on) an island is a neon sign created by Alicia Eggert & Mike Fleming. The play on words is emphasized with a dynamic and a simple message acquires additional and contradictory meanings. The island you find yourself on may be geographical, metaphorical, political, or ideological. By constantly flipping between these two statements, “You are an island” and “You are (on) an island” art prods you to think both inside and outside of yourself, inviting you to marvel at the world you inhabit and the role you play in it.

You are (on) an island was originally created for The Sacred and Profane art festival on Peaks Island, Maine. Since then, it has been exhibited at Sculpture By the Sea in Sydney, Australia, the Malta Arts Festival in Birgu, Malta, the DUMBO Arts Festival in Brooklyn, New York, and PULSE Art Fair in Miami, Florida. It has also been presented as a mobile sign, mounted on the back of a flatbed truck and powered by a generator. It was taken on a “guerrilla sculpture tour” of the UK in early 2013. Special version of the installation, enlarged and adapted for installing on the roof, will be shown at New Holland Island.

The artwork will be seen on the roof of the House 12 from until October 30, 2020

Alicia Eggert, Mike Fleming—You are (on) an islandAlicia Eggert, Mike Fleming—You are (on) an islandAlicia Eggert, Mike Fleming—You are (on) an island

Hunted by Anna Smirnova. Pictures by Anna Smirnova.