Created on August 18, 2023
Groene Hilledijk 33, 3075 RM Rotterdam, Netherlands
 Beauty, seduction, lust and love are the elements being portrayed while looking upon this mural. This piece is a modern day representation of the Greek Goddess Aphrodite. 

A project by our friends of Open Art Museum

For six days, street artists Mister Copy from South Africa and BeNeR1Graffiti from Germany worked on the artwork on the Vinkenbaan in South Rotterdam.
The portrait of the Greek goddess Aphrodite now adorns the facade of the home of the former graffiti artist Martijn. The initiators of the project are Tariq Nazzal and Joey Groeneweg of the Open Art Museum. They saw the bare wall and rudely called the owner of the house, who was immediately enthusiastic.
There are 60 hours of work in Aphrodite's work. First of all, a so-called “Doodle Mapping” was plotted on the wall. Some street artists use this method for staking and coloring the work. The mural is a modern representation of the Greek goddess Aphrodite. Beauty, seduction, lust and love are the elements portrayed when viewing this mural. The artists chose to portray a woman in a modern style that familiarizes her onlookers, where they can relate to the model and all the elements around her, completing her story. This wall is part of a series by artist Mister Copy.
Mister Copy, BeNeR1—UntitledMister Copy, BeNeR1—Untitled
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