Created on September 30, 2023
Korenaarstraat 50B, 3023 XH Rotterdam, Nederland
(text by Susan Maria de Boer) 

In ‘Pupillenbuurt’ – a neighbourhood located in the west part of Rotterdam – several dedicated residents founded their own committee to improve the quality of living for their surroundings. For their latest project the committee partnered up with the Municipality of Rotterdam to introduce art to the public space. Together with several different artists I was invited to design a fitting work of art.

The illustration itself plays with the word ‘perspective’, both visually and conceptually – as seeing things in perspective or gaining new perspective. Inspired by the nature of the neighbourhood which consists of lively people and unfortunate contrasting grey buildings, the first thing I wanted to bring to this neighbourhood was color. The preferred choice of art was expressed by the residents of ‘De Pupillenbuurt’ via a voting poll.
Susan Maria de Boer—undefinedSusan Maria de Boer—undefined
Hunted by Edwin Muller.

Marker details

Camera usedSamsung SM-G990B
Marker typeartwork