Created on January 7, 2023
Ammersooiseplein 29, 3032 RP Rotterdam, Nederland


Artist Juan Barco spent five weeks working on it. But the mural on the Ammersooiseplein is now really finished. The work is called 'Libertad', or: 'Freedom'. Women in high heels, just getting on their bikes.

When the Colombian Juan Barco first came to the Netherlands, that image made him very happy. 'I had never seen anything like it. "For me that is real freedom, that you can cycle everywhere despite those heels. " tells Juan.
Juan thought it was such a beautiful image that he even made a 10 meter high mural of it. 
He came up with this idea after a visit to his sisters- in- law who live near the Ammersooiseplein. Standing on their balcony, Juan's eye fell on a large stretch of white wall, on the apartment building opposite. As an artist he immediately saw opportunities.
With the help of his girlfriend, he submitted a residents' initiative to the Agniesebuurt district council. With the proposal to provide the wall with a colorful painting. The ward council agreed. 
Juan is very proud of the work that has now been completed. 'Oh, I certainly hope to be able to do more murals. They bring so much color and cheerfulness.'
Juan Barco—LibertadJuan Barco—LibertadJuan Barco—LibertadJuan Barco—Libertad
Hunted by Tim.
Pictures by provided by the artist.

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