Created on September 27, 2023
Schiehaven 13, 3024 EC Rotterdam, Nederland

Jules Deelder

Next to the office of Vorm company, as yellow wall stands out. This wall used to be part of a warehouse in the port of Rotterdam and in later years it was the entrance to jazz club C5. The club could be found in the basement of the building up to 2016.

Now the wall is the only thing that reminds us of the history of this place. The wall is marked as a historical landmark by the local government. 

In 2020 the artist Marcel Labrie was commissioned by the Vrom company to paint this work of Rotterdams legendary poet Jules Deelder. Also known as the night mayor, he was a well know figure in the nightlife of Rotterdam and a great jazz lover. He was a frequent visitor of the jazz club that housed here. 

The name of the poem, written by Deelder, is "Het hart van Rotterdam" (The heart of Rotterdam). 
Marcel Labrie—Jules DeelderMarcel Labrie—Jules Deelder
Hunted by Edwin Muller.

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Camera usedSamsung SM-G990B
Marker typeartwork