Created on September 15, 2019
Putselaan 127A, 3072 CD Rotterdam, Netherlands

Garbage pigeon

The French duo Murmure replaced L7Matrix fro Pow Wow Rotterdam 2019.
At first view, the work seems like a garbage bag floating in the air. The artists want to make passers-by aware of our impact on the environment. Looking at the mural from a distance, makes you wonder; is it a garbage bag taking the shape of a bird, or is it a bird taking the shape of a garbage bag? For this specific wall, the artists turned around the design, so at least the figure floats in the direction of freedom. The brush-painted work makes a beautiful statement without being too pushy.
Murmure—Garbage pigeon
Hunted by Tim Marschang.

Marker details

Camera usedONEPLUS A5010
Marker typeartwork