Created on November 18, 2022
Via di Settecamini, 104, 00131 Roma RM, Italië

Goal 12 - Sustainable consumption

The Street art for Rights project was born with the intention of bringing art to neighborhoods with difficult contexts on the outskirts of Rome, adopting the 17 Goals of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development of the United Nations and filtering them with the eye of contemporary art. The goal is to give artistic substance to the action plan for people, the planet and prosperity promoted by the UN, bringing the community closer to the various themes and encouraging discussion about the pressing problems of the contemporary era.

In this third edition the artists, selected for their civil commitment as well as for their sign and artistic impact, have created 8 walls in the Settecamini, Ponte Mammolo and San Paolo districts, dedicated to the Global Goals from 10 to 17 of the Agenda 2030. All the artists have returned, each from their own personal point of view, a powerful image of the key concept of sustainable development. Furthermore, all the walls were made using the special paints of the AirLite patent, products that are able to transform polluting agents into salt molecules and start the photosynthesis process. 

Goal 12 - Sustainable consumption

Internationally renowned urban artist Etnik, who has been active in the urban art scene for over 30 years, was inspired by Goal 12 for his mural with ''La casa nella casa - The House in the House'', the title of his work, which is not only a vision on real housing architecture dedicated to ecological and recycling issues, but at the same time a cue to work on ourselves, on our daily habits. With his geometric illustrations made of shapes, volumes and colours that sometimes lead to abstract figures, Etnik wants to represent the precarious balance of the human being and the incessant speed of the contemporary world. With this wall, Etnik also pursues a personal artistic research capable of conveying a strong message, the artist's point of view on the city and the parts of which it is composed, and with it developing his peculiar poetics. 

 Obiettivo 12 - Consumo sostenibile

L’urban artist di fama internazionale Etnik, attivo da oltre 30 anni nella scena dell’arte urbana, per il suo murales si è ispirato al goal numero 12 con ‘’La Casa nella Casa’’, il titolo del suo lavoro che oltre ad essere una visione sulla vera e propria architettura abitativa dedicata ai temi ecologici e di riciclo è allo stesso tempo uno spunto a lavorare su sé stessi, sulle nostre abitudini quotidiane. Con le sue illustrazioni geometriche fatto di forme, volumi e cromatiche che talvolta portano a figure astratte, Etnik vuole rappresentare l’equilibrio precario dell’essere umano e l’incessante velocità del mondo contemporaneo. Etnik anche con questo muro porta avanti una personale ricerca artistica capace di veicolare un forte messaggio, il punto di vista dell’artista sulla città e le parti di cui si compone, e con esso sviluppare la sua peculiare poetica.

Etnik—Goal 12 - Sustainable consumptionEtnik—Goal 12 - Sustainable consumption
Hunted by Tim.
Pictures by provided by Street Art for Rights.

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