Created on August 8, 2023
Via Giulio Romano, 79, 00054 Fiumicino RM, Italia

La Fenice (The Phoenix)

La Fenice is the title of the work created in April 2021 on the facade of the Parco Leonardo station, in the province of Rome. The mural represents a lively tree composition that sharply defines the elegant silhouette of a heron, perfectly framed in the high concrete wall. The work is part of a large regeneration program for the surrounding area, with the aim of igniting awareness of the importance of caring for and enhancing the territory: the Phoenix perfectly symbolizes this act of rebirth. Historically, the first representations of this figure were attributed the appearance of a heron, a species that moreover populates the banks of the River Tiber which flows not far from the intervention area. The choice of this animal, migratory by nature, is enhanced by the concurrent location of the station, place of departure and arrival, linked to the concept of travel.
Alessandro Etsom—La Fenice (The Phoenix)Alessandro Etsom—La Fenice (The Phoenix)
Hunted by Alessandro Etsom.
Pictures by Alessandro Conti Daniele Casoria.

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