Created on February 17, 2023
Via Ettore Ferrari, 101, 00148 Roma RM, Italië

Icarus - About the climate crisis

Icarus is a well-known figure in Greek mythology. Daedalus created wings for his son Icarus to escape from the labyrinth where they were imprisoned. He warns him not to fly too low: Icarus his wings would get wet from the water, which would cause him to collapse. But he told him not to fly too high either, because it would cause the wax built into his wings to melt. Once Icarus started flying, he could not keep himself from flying higher and higher. Eventually, the sun melted his wings, and Icarus collapsed.

The interpretation of Icarus' myth is known as a result of excessive ambition. The society we live in today is designed to be more efficient, producing bigger amounts with fewer tools. Small farmers were replaced by big factories, and horses were replaced by cars. Even though this society is designed with the best intentions, the crisis we live in today proves that our ambition and ego as humankind might have grown excessively. Sometimes, it's good to take a step back from our ambitions in order to fly in between the lines. If we work hard for this specific goal, we could provide ourselves a better future.

The mural depicts a female version of Icarus having her wings polluted with oil. On the left side of the building, she cleans them with a cloth, causing her to be able to fly. On the opposite side, she lost her wings and collapsed.

JDL—Icarus - About the climate crisisJDL—Icarus - About the climate crisis
Hunted by Tim.

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