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Di Mattei/S. Maria Pieta', 00135, 00135 Roma RM, Italy

Le cose che non si vedono

Things you don't see.
Museo della Mente once was a public mental institution dating back to the 16th century and where the mentally infirm were treated in the most shameful ways was shut down in 1978. The structure has always been a “city inside the city”: a 130-hectare park with roads, a church, houses, and a canteen. Hospital workers and the mentally ill patients used to live there. 
When the place was abandoned, political conflict arose with regard to giving it a new life. In the last 20 years, associations of volunteers have worked to maintain the decor of the park. Some of the apartments have been occupied by young people. The Ex-Laundry, an incredible intercultural center that offers courses and manages a small café, was born. The past of the Ex-Manicomio is remembered inside the “Museum of the Mind.” 
Local street artists have passed by and spontaneously decorated many of the obsolete buildings with beautiful paintings. Sometimes, their artistic rendition deals with mental illness. The place, rather than being macabre, now has its charm. Take a walk inside the icon of this neighborhood on the north-western outskirts of Rome. Murals emerge from concrete like elves. Pine trees create a pleasant shade. The art is vibrant here and will surprise you. 
Venezuelan artist Gomez who resides in Rome painted the outside of the main buidling.
"I thought of representing society's perception of madness as a negative thing, to be isolated - says Gomez - In truth I am convinced that madness is a social label and that indeed, often in a certain bizarre resides a sensitive, similar spirit to art. I was not born a painter and for many years I avoided madness, I have to thank the family and friends who believed in me and through whose trust and patience I found a way to express myself today".

Luiz Gomez de Teran—Le cose che non si vedono
Hunted by Tim Marschang.

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