Created on March 6, 2016
Via Pietro Bembo, 35, Rome, Metropolitan City of Rome, Italy


After his successful solo exhibition in Rome with Varsi Gallery, Pixel Pancho worked on a massive wall in the district of Primavalle in Rome, Italy. The Italian artist brought to life this beautiful artwork showing the legend of Theseus and his fight with the Minotaurus.

Entitled “Theseus and the Minotaur”, the mural sees Pixel Pancho first of all inspired by the famous myth of Theseus, through a reworking that passes here towards a new and interesting aesthetic approach. In fact, the artist tackles the large surface with a painting marked by small brushes, which dramatically increase the level of detail and involvement, creating the silhouette of his iconic robots and natural ornamental elements, through small and meticulous strokes. Reimagining the mythological as robotic, his violent struggles are at once crushing and sensual, brutally lyrical, animatronically efficient. The two robotic-looking characters are part of his artistic reflection on the encounter between robots and gods, extraordinarily revisiting the classic myth that fits into the ordinary life of a suburban neighborhood.

The narrative in Pixelpancho‘s work is driven by a forgotten world sitting under a blanket of dust. In his universe, broken and dented robots are found decaying on the ground, their iron and rusted copper bodies falling and laying about as if discarded into oblivion. Although the scale of his work varies, his surreal realm is the constant thread that pierces through contemporary and historical references. The strength of the physical dimension and of the gestures that humanize his robots are particularly noticeable on the walls of abandoned buildings in cities throughout Europe, the U.S. and Mexico, and are all part of an interconnected structure of stories, as in all of his murals, paintings, and sculptures.
Hunted by Tim Marschang.

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