Created on January 21, 2015
Via Annio Felice, 11, 00147 Roma RM, Italy

Hic sunt Adamantes

Here are the diamonds.
Local artists Diamond created an art nouveau-style mural: a sleeping woman with oleander flowers in her hair holds a diamond in her hand and a dragon emerges from the frame, a tribute to the bizarre Chinese nickname of the former Roman village.

"This mural represents a sleeping woman holding a diamond in her hand, a metaphor for Rome as a"beautiful and asleep" City.

the title is in Latin "Hic sunt Adamantes" (here are the diamonds) a variant of "hic sunt leones"an ancient way to define unexplored areas in ancient maps.": shares the artist

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Diamond—Hic sunt Adamantes
Hunted by Tim Marschang.

Marker details

Camera usedNikon D5100
Date created2015-01-21T23:00:00.000Z
Marker typeartwork