Created on October 17, 2018
Via Ostiense, 73h, 00154 Roma RM, Italië

Hunting Pollution

This is Yourban2030’s first project, and it is a monumental display located in Via del Porto Fluviale (Ostiense) in Rome.

Created by international artist Iena Cruz, this project is part of his already renowned and impressive portfolio of brilliant street art. Iena’s artwork places strong emphasis on environmentalism. This project at Ostiense is setting off increased public awareness about environmentalism in urban settings. The value of the work is strongly symbolic: the animal, in fact, not only hunts its prey, but also the pollution in one of the most trafficked and polluted intersections of the capital thanks to the use of eco-paintings.


This mural is made from a special eco-paint that can actually break down atmospheric pollutants. This is possible thanks to a chemical process in the paint whereby pollutants are essentially captured and removed from the air, purifying it in a natural way.

This revolutionary technology is called Airlite, which is available for anyone to use. Tests show that Airlite may reduce air pollution by up to 88.8%, and can also eliminate bacteria from surfaces, repel dust, and neutralize odors.

It is a truly impactful solution. Consider this quick example: a surface space of 100m2 (one hundred square meters) painted with Airlite has the same positive impact on air quality as 100m2 of forest.

This solution is sustainable in two distinct ways: in the medium and in the message.

Iena Cruz—Hunting Pollution
Hunted by Tim Marschang.

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