Created on August 13, 2020
Kurfürstenstraße 6, 47495 Rheinberg, Deutschland


"Manolo" European school at the Pulverturm, Rheinberg by Javier Landa Blanco aka Corte and Jon Zabalegui from Huarte near Pamplona / Spain

The motif had to be approved by the monument protection authority beforehand because it is diagonally opposite the listed old cellar.

The motif represents the 95-year-old Manolo - the grandfather of Javier Landa Blanco.

Javier has been part of the MAP team for years. He designs the Artlon campaigns for the MAP and establishes contact with the artists.

One can say that his works shape the cityscape of Rheinberg.

The motto of the 20 M.A.P. Action was: Pirartlon instead of Artlon
"Today is yesterday's tomorrow". and the clever addition: "The present is lived history and designs the future."

Jabi "corte" Landa, Jon Zabalegui (ESP)—ManoloJabi "corte" Landa, Jon Zabalegui (ESP)—Manolo

Hunted by Raphael Mellen.

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