Created on August 7, 2019
Kurfürstenstraße 6, 47495 Rheinberg, Deutschland

The future is in our past

"The future is in our past" was created by kingraptuz, Europaschule am Pulverturm as part of the Pirartlon Festival 2019.
A historical motif like a huge puzzle in special colors. He is a mountaineer himself and knows the Dolomites like the back of his hand.

RAPTUZ is a full time artist and graphic designer who has been in the art world for more than 30 years and has pioneered Italian graffiti art since the late 80s.

He developed his own style and technique called Broken Window Futurism, a mode of expression developed over time, characterized by the division of works, shapes or colors, playing with chromatic scales, warm / cold and light / shadow contrasts to create multifocal ones , fragmented, and deformed vision of abstract or figurative images.

Raptuz 'works are characterized by highly chromatic impact works, high definition in color strokes and application, as if the infinite parts of still images from a high-resolution video stream are to be immortalized on a canvas.

He is co-founder of the historic TDK Crew (Milan, 1990), the SPAGHETTI FUNK Crew, a proud member for more than a decade of the legendary CBS Crew (Los Angeles, 1984) and the LORDS Crew (San Francisco 1986).

Raptuz lives in Milan, Italy and frequently travels the world to paint at various art festivals. He realizes small and large works, on walls or canvases, and participates in art galleries around the world.

kingraptuz—The future is in our pastkingraptuz—The future is in our past

Hunted by Raphael Mellen.

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