Created on September 25, 2017
Via Angelo Maiorana, 34, 97100 Ragusa RG, Italia

Il suonatore Gino

There is in soul a sympathy for sounds and sensibility and that’s why music and visual arts express that which cannot be put into other words and that which cannot remain silent. “It’s a universal language.”
The Spanish artist made a homage to the vibrating sounds of Ragusa and its people. Well known for his breathtaking pieces, Sebas decided to portray the image of Giorgio “Gino” Nobile, the owner of Magic Music, which is the only vinyl record store in the Italian city.
They said there’s no such thing as casual fortuity, but causality took the artist, who was only looking for some Fabrizio de André music, to Gino’s store, who has dedicated his life to “let the others to listen” like the lyrics of “Il Suonatore Jones,” by the Italian musician. Sebas’ painted some of the records he found at the store as the background, surrounding Gino’s portrait as the sound maker, the music host with so many memories to share and not a single regret.

Sebas Velasco—Il suonatore Gino
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