Created on November 20, 2023
91f Calle Kennedy, Dorado, 00646, Puerto Rico

Kikita Beach

Mural created in celebration of Earth Day at Kikita Beach, in my town of Dorado. This small beach occupies a very special part for me as a person. Considered the most consistent surfing area in Dorado, it was where I faced many of my fears and challenges as a teenager. Some days it was the boxing ring where I fought with my worst fears. During my military career, there were countless days that I longed I could have the opportunity to use Kikita as therapy.  The lighthouse represents that feeling, in a way Kikita continued to light my path even if it was like that from a distance.

Rob Prieto—Kikita BeachRob Prieto—Kikita BeachRob Prieto—Kikita Beach
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CityPuerto Rico
CountryPuerto Rico