Created on December 31, 2021
C. San Antonio, 32, 26510 Pradejón, La Rioja, España

¿Arte o vandalismo?

Confinement due to COVID19 inspires me to create a work that remembers what we had experienced, showing a phrase out of context, like Andy Warhol's "shine" boxes, which when taken out of a supermarket and taken to a museum , the viewer completely changes the perspective of it, in addition to remember the importance of taking the necessary precautions without relaxing, because despite the existence of the vaccine, we are not going through the best moment, the number of infections growing every day .
Alberto Cordon—¿Arte o vandalismo?
Hunted by Alberto Cordon.

Marker details

Date created2021-12-31T23:00:00.000Z
Camera usedCanon EOS 1300D
Marker typeartwork