Created on July 10, 2023
The mural is to raise awareness of the Swifts, which lose their habitats and withdraw from Poznań due to thermal modernization of buildings. These birds are extremely useful - they kill mosquitoes, flies and flies. They spend almost all their lives (except for the hatching season) in the air, every day - in search of food - they cover even 1000 km. They are often confused with swallows, which are slightly larger than them. Nest boxes are installed on one of the walls of the school, replacing the swifts with the closed openings in the roofs of apartment blocks.

The work is also to commemorate Jakub Kotnarowski, a social activist who worked for Poznań birds. Part of his 38-year life (he died of COVID-19 in 2020) he devoted to the idea of protecting the bird world in our city.
Radosław Barek—undefined
Hunted by Teresa Radek.
Pictures by Teresa Radek; on instagram: @teresa_radek.

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