Created on September 12, 2017
Mercado Ferreira Borges, Rua da Bolsa, Porto, Portugal


MOTS: "Having the famous old market “Mercado Ferreira Borges” has inspiration and reference for this project, the idea of making this mural was to provide unity and background for this amazing iron structure that is an icon of the city of Porto. The use of cold blues represents the mass of the iron with sharp geometric forms, wherein between this shapes small appointments of more warm colours can be seen with the intention of bringing into the wall pieces of the decorations in the metal structure of the building.

This project doesn’t pretend to be invasive and independent, but instead a fusion between the market, the mural and the city.

It is the biggest piece we did so far (500-meter square). It is located near the iconic Douro river and it became part of its panoramic view. | Porto, 2017." www.mots.pt


Hunted by MOTS -. Pictures by Joaquim Oliveira MOTS.

Marker details

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